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What Airplane is Right for You?

4 tips to help aircraft buyers make the right decision

It all starts with getting the right plane.  Check out these 4 tips to help aircraft buyers make the right decision:

Tip #1: Review and evaluate the type of flying you have done over the past year

It would be useful to start with your logbook and look back at the kind of flying you have done in the past 12 months. Is this flying likely to change much in the next few years? The answer to that question may be “yes” if you are moving or earning your instrument rating or a family member is joining you in the purchase.

Tip #2: Determine a budget

It’s easy to get awestruck at the latest models and upgraded glass panels, shiny paint jobs and plush interiors. What is important to you? Keep your set budget in mind and plan to spend that budget based on the pilot you are and not the pilot you want to be.

Tip # 3: Define your wants vs. “must-haves”

If you are a current aircraft owner looking for a change, make a list of all the things that you don’t like about your current airplane that you want in the next one. For example, air conditioning. If your family is growing you are definitely going to need more room. Maybe as you age, the ease of getting in and out of your airplane becomes more significant. You might not get everything on your list, and that’s why you have to determine how many of your “wants” are “must-haves.”

Tip # 4: Ask questions

Rarely is there going to be that one perfect make or model for you. Just like buying a house, every aircraft purchase is a bit of a compromise. As you narrow down your search to two or three possibilities, talk to other pilots who are flying those models and ask for a realistic appraisal. This is the time for research.  

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