Do you have advice for purchasing an LSA for flight training?

Adam answers in April's edition. 
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Question: Because of health reasons, I am currently pursuing my Sport Pilot certificate. I've been doing my research and I think it may be more cost-effective to purchase my own plane, vs plane rental when I'm ready for flight school. I've been formulating cost-benefit analysis, with different planes. Fortunately, since I'll only be able to fly S-LSAs-VFR, the costs are not as much as certified planes. Never the less, LSAs are expensive too. Then you have to incorporate maintenance, fuel, hangar/tie-down fees, ins. and the list goes on. I just turned 58 two days ago. I plan on retiring in 2030, so I've got time to think this through and be smart & strategic. I have a baseline knowledge of the planes/engines makes, models, and features I'd like to see in my plane. I'm also thinking it would be prudent to buy a newer plane (as much as I can afford) rather than an older one. I don't think it's wise to buy a $40K plane that's coming up on its 2K hour TBO and then have to turn around and shell out $50K - $100K for an overhaul. Any hoo, I just need to talk to someone who is a straight shooter, knowledgeable, and won't steer me wrong.

Answer: It’s nice to hear from you and I’m glad you reached out.  A majority of the members we work with are in similar shoes. Please reach out to our team of ownership experts at 800-62-PLANE. They will be able to help answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction as a first time aircraft owner. Additionally, please check out our first-time buyer resources to better understand the buying and financing process.

Have questions for Adam? He is happy to answer them. Submit your questions here. Great rates. Great terms. Helpful and responsive reps. Three good reasons to turn to AOPA Aviation Finance when you are buying an airplane. If you need a dependable source of financing with people who are on your side, just call 800.62.PLANE (75263) or click here to request a quote.

Adam Meredith

Adam Meredith

President of AOPA Aviation Finance Company
Adam Meredith, the longtime president of AOPA Aviation Finance Co., died after a long battle with cancer in December 2023. He is remembered for his passion for helping fellow pilots, leading a team devoted to putting flight training and aircraft ownership within everyone’s reach.

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