Easy To Use Aircraft Loan Calculator

Aircraft Loan Payment Calculator
Enter the total amount of money to be borrowed, with no "$" or "," i.e. borrowing $50,000, you would enter 50000 (This number should be 15% less than the purchase price).
i.e. If your rate is 5.95% you would enter 5.95
Enter the length of your loan in years.

Sample Aircraft Loan Rates & Terms


 Aircraft Category          Down Payment Terms  Sample Rates*
 Experimental / Kit (Airworthy)     15%                 Up to 20 years  4.9-7%
 Kits  20%  Up to 10 years  7.25-8%
 Light Sport  20%  Up to 15 years  4.9-6.5%
 Piston Single  15%  Up to 20 years  4.8-7%
 Piston Twin  20-30%  Up to 15 years  4.8-7%
 Turboprop & Turbine  15-25%  Up to 20 years  <4-5%
 Helicopters  20-30%  Up to 10 years  5-6.5%
 Warbirds / Antiques  30%  Up to 10 years  5-6.5%



Minimum loan amount $10,000

Call 1.800.62.PLANE to speak with a Loan Specialist about your specific situation and needs. Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET. (With after hours support until 8:00 p.m.)


AOPA Aviation Finance provides support to AOPA to help to protect and preserve your freedom to fly.


*Subject to credit approval. Rates and terms may vary, depending on, among other factors, your credit history and the type and age of the aircraft you seek to finance.

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