Experimental Aircraft

Our lenders can provide financing for a wide array of experimental aircraft. 

The requirement is that there are at least 25 of the same make and model registered with the FAA. Our lenders will establish the loan amount of each experimental aircraft based on your experience, credit credentials of the applicant(s) and through valuation guides and/or by way of reviewing at least three comparable aircraft that are for sale in the United States.

In addition to the required financial documentation requested for the loan application process, we will need invoices from each provider that will be used, as well as an estimate of the total cost of the project.

If you are considering purchasing or building an experimental aircraft, please contact us for financing rates and terms.

If you are an experimental manufacturer looking to find financing for your airplane, please call 800.627.5263 and ask for Adam Meredith, President of AOPA Aviation Finance, to discuss options.

AOPA Finance helped me to acquire one of my dream planes and made the entire process feel like I was dealing with my small home town bank. The bank President personally made herself available to me and her loan officer made me feel like I lived in their town and had known them forever. They have my business for life!
Rick F.
Rick F.

faqs about financing your Experimental/LSAs

What will the lender need in order to determine if they can finance the experimental or not?

Lenders will need at least threecurrent market listings to determine value. Borrowers also have the option to order an appraisal at their own expense if market comps are not currently available. 

Lenders will also need to see a minimum of 25 of the make/model registered with the FAA.

Another way to get a lender comfortable with financing an experimental or LSA is to have the manufacturer and lender work together to develop a specific program for their aircraft. Please contact AAF directly if you are an experimental or LSA manufacturer and would like to speak with one of our lenders.

What terms can I expect?

Currently, our lenders are offering a maximum loan term of 20 years with rates between 4.99%-6.9%.

What does a typical down payment look like?

You can expect a minimum down payment of 15%.

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