Affordable Financing for Aircraft Upgrades

We can help you find financing for avionics upgrades and engine overhauls. Our goal is to support AOPA pilots by offering the most comprehensive financing options in the industry.

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Are you considering an avionics upgrade or engine overhaul? Let AOPA Aviation Finance help.

Financing upgrades to your aircraft prevents you from having to liquidate a portion of your financial portfolio. AOPA Aviation Finance works with several lenders to provide options for aircraft upgrades.

When you call to speak with us about your options, please be prepared to discuss project budget and scope of work. We will also need a proposed invoice from your avionics shop of choice. We can help you find financing for your upgrade(s) and will work with you to make your monthly payments lower and more manageable than you might think.

Please call and speak to one of our loan specialists today!

FAQs about financing upgrades

What are my options for financing avionics upgrades and engine overhauls?

Refinance vs our Upgrade Your Wings Program

Depending on scope of work we may have several options. If there is equity in the aircraft a traditional aircraft refinance is an option for financing upgrades and overhauls. If there is little to no available equity in the aircraft, the Upgrade Your Wings Program may be an option, with financing up to 120% LTV.

Call and speak to one of our analysts so they can help you decide which loan would be right for your specific situation.

What upgrades do lenders find value in?

Aircraft lenders will generally add value for most avionics upgrades and major engine overhauls. Aircraft lenders will not usually add value for paint and interior. It is always a good idea to work with an AOPA Aviation Finance analyst to establish the aircraft value from a lenders view using one of the online valuation resources. 

Caroline Childs was amazing to work with. Being that this is our first aircraft purchase, she was very helpful and patient.
Have additional questions? Feel free to contact us or call us at 800.627.5263.