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Financing Solutions for Flying Clubs Like YoursFlying Club Finance

AOPA Aviation Finance not only helps individual pilots find financing solutions, we also help flying clubs. Our goal is to support the flying club community by offering the most comprehensive flying club financing options in the industry.

Current Options Available to Flying Clubs


Flying Club loan with no personal guarantee

Loan with a leaseback to a Flying Club

Credit Enhanced Flying Club loan - w/personal guarantee

Flexible Aviation Loan with leaseback to Flying Club


Flying Club Individual or LLC Flying Club Individual only

Personal Guarantee

No Personal Guarantee Personal Guarantee Required Personal Guarantee Required Personal Guarantee Required

Loan to Value

50% LTV 70% LTV 85% LTV N/A

Loan Term

Up to 12 years Up to 15 years Up to 15 years Up to 7 years

Interest Rates

Approx. 6-7% Approx. 5-6% Approx. 5.25-7% Approx. 7.74-10.49%

Age of Flying Club

For Established Flying Clubs only (3+ years of operations) Start-ups OK Start-up flying clubs are on an exception basis. Start-ups OK

*Requires strong credit, cash flow must not be dependent on flying club.
**Loan must be directly to an individual.

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