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We know what it’s like to own an airplane. Whether you’re purchasing a multiengine for your business or a single-engine for personal travel, AOPA Aviation Finance is available to help members find the right financing for new and used general aviation aircraft.

Our friendly loan specialists take the hassle out of navigating the complex and sometimes hidden financing options to help you own that next piston aircraft quickly. Call us today at 800.627.5263 to learn more about our loan programs for piston aircraft.

AOPA Aviation Finance offers:

  • A variety of loan structures including attractive fixed rates, 5-20 year terms, and convenient auto pay options
  • Knowledgeable and friendly loan specialists you can trust to find the best terms for your financing needs
  • Fast time-to-ownership with quick decisions from lenders not always available to the general public

Trust AOPA Aviation Finance to get you on board with financing for your next piston aircraft quickly.

The lender you connected me with was excellent and I can absolutely recommend them to anyone. First rate operation and customer service. An excellent experience for a first time buyer. AOPA Finance made it possible for my dream of owning my own plane to become a reality.
Keith Y.
Keith Y.

FAQs about Financing Single-Engine Aircraft

How can I obtain a pre-approval so I have financing in place when I find the right aircraft?

Obtaining a pre-approval is the same process as an approval with the exception of having to provide an aircraft spec sheet. You won’t provide the spec sheet until a specific aircraft has been identified. You will need to provide the lenders with a general loan amount, type and model. Once you receive the pre-approval, the rate will be locked for 30 days, and the approval will be good for 90 days.

What terms should I expect?

Rate and loan terms will be determined largely by the loan amount. Currently, we are seeing loan terms from 5 to 20 years (20 years only available on loans of $75K and above) and rates between 4.38%-7%.  

What does a typical down payment look like?

Aircraft lenders will require a minimum down payment of 15% on aircraft newer than 1960 and 20% for older aircraft.

FAQs about Financing multiengine aircraft

What age of aircraft can I finance?

Typically, our lenders will consider multiengine piston aircraft manufacture from 1970 and newer. Some lenders will make exceptions for older aircraft.

What is a typical down payment?

Depending on the age of aircraft, minimum down payments can range from 15% to 30%.

What terms should I expect?

Most lenders will finance multiengine aircraft for maximum terms of 10-15 years.

Have additional questions? Feel free to contact us or call us at 800.627.5263.

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