Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

We’re here to remove the hassle of finding aircraft financing and are happy to help you in any way that we can. Click here for the typical process we use and a list of financials we’ll need to get. Then, contact a Loan Specialist who will answer all your questions.

How do I benefit from using AOPA Aviation Finance Company, LLC?

We have an experienced and trusted team of Loan Specialists who are here to help you quickly and easily find great financing. Our network of partners give you access to a variety of options you may not be able to find other ways, especially for those harder to finance aircraft. And, by working with AOPA Aviation Finance, you’re helping us support AOPA and their efforts in general aviation advocacy.

Does AOPA benefit from this loan?

We provide an important member service as you look to purchase your next aircraft. Profits we earn will support AOPA in general and help protect and preserve your freedom to fly.

What type of aircraft can be financed?

A key benefit of AOPA Aviation Finance is the broad range of aircraft for which we can find loans. Age of aircraft is not typically a factor, and we can also find loans for avionics, refinancing, and upgrades to existing aircraft.

Do you have to be a US citizen to apply?

At this time, only US citizens are able to use our services.

How many people can be listed on the same loan?

Up to four people can be listed as co-borrowers on the same loan. For a registered business loan, the business and up to three additional people can be listed.

For loan applications, a maximum of two individuals can be listed on a single application form. For additional people, please fill out a second application with additional borrower information.

What if I would like to make improvements or upgrade my existing aircraft?

We can help with engine and avionic upgrades in addition to purchasing aircraft. If you currently owe money on your aircraft and you'd like to make upgrades, we can discuss a refinancing option for your existing loan along with the upgrades. Contact us for additional details.

Do you allow leasebacks of an aircraft? How about Charter, Flight Schools, Flying Clubs? What about loans to corporations?

AOPA Aviation Finance can accommodate many different situations, so please contact us for your specific needs. We love a challenge, and our Loan Specialists are here to help you any way that we can.

Is there a pre-payment penalty on this loan?

We have access to a variety of financing options, most of which do not have a pre-payment penalty. Our goal is to make the financing process painless and hassle-free, and our Loan Specialists will work hard to find the right match for your personal needs.

Do I receive a tax deduction with this loan?

Every financing situation is unique, so please discuss tax matters with a qualified tax professional.

Can I finance taxes and/or fees?

No, it is your responsibility to pay for sales tax and/or fees.

If your aircraft purchase is Capetown eligible, an additional fee will be charged, and the lender may require you to work through escrow. This fee cannot be financed into your loan.

Is an aircraft appraisal required to establish a loan?

In most cases a description of your aircraft, the avionics, any special equipment, and the engine and airframe time will suffice. For all loans over $250,000, a copy of the pre-buy inspection is required. Full appraisals are typically requested on aircraft over $1 million (additional fees may apply). New aircraft normally do not require an appraisal.

What type of aircraft insurance is required?

Typically, Lenders require you to maintain full ground and flight insurance, as well as "Breach of Warranty Coverage" for the amount of the loan with a carrier acceptable to the lender.

The lender must be named as "loss payee" and be protected by a "lien holder's endorsement." Once you have been placed with the appropriate lender, we will send you the specific insurance requirements for that lender.

Can you finance commercial use aircraft?

Yes, however only on a limited basis. Before completing an application, please contact us at 800.627.5263 to discuss whether options are available for your specific situation.