4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Turbine Aircraft

AOPA Aviation Finance
  1. Purchasing airplanes that are no older than 20 years will get you the most competitive rate and terms.
  2. Make sure you and the lender are all valuing the airplane the same way. Certain “add-ons” may not merit the same value to lenders as it does to you the buyer.
  3. Be prepared to put your best foot forward. The stronger you appear as a borrower, the lower the rates and more flexible the terms. For example, additional guaranties can get you better terms and rate. Likewise, expect higher a higher rate and more restrictive terms if you are unable or unwilling to provide a business or personal guaranty.
  4. Carefully consider how long you intend to keep the loan (and/or whether you would likely be trading up) and get comfortable with prepayment penalties if you can, or else be prepared to pay more in rate or closing costs.  

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