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Question: I own a 1960 Cessna 182 C with numerous avionics and interior upgrades. I currently own the aircraft outright. Is it possible to do an initial financing now to cover the cost of an engine overhaul? Based on V Ref  -  I would estimate the value of my airplane to be about $85-90 K and I’d want to borrow about $40-50 K. to finance the engine overhaul and accessories. Of course, that would increase the value of the aircraft to well over 100k. I’d appreciate your advice on this.  

Answer: Yes, we would have options for financing upgrades. We will prepare a valuation on the aircraft as is and a second valuation with the proposed upgrade(s). You can borrow up to 85% of the new higher value. Funds will be held in escrow until completion of the installation and then disbursed directly to the shop or A&P. The aircraft will be used as collateral and a lien will be filed at the FAA. Please feel free to give my team a call at 800.627.5263 so we can discuss your specific situation further.

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Adam Meredith

Adam Meredith

President of AOPA Aviation Finance Company
Adam Meredith, President of AOPA Aviation Finance Company, is an aircraft finance professional with more than 15 years lending, small business management and customer service experience. Adam is a commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings.
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