AOPA Member Combines Business Flying and Fostering Huskies

With the help of AOPA Finance!
Ian Campbell, AOPA member.

I've been an AOPA member since 1991. I'm probably the typical pilot.  I got my license when I graduated from college a long time ago. I certainly had wanted to do that since I was a kid. I put a bunch of hours on rental 172s in the Boston area and then that tapered off for a while. Then it was a long time of flying occasionally and staying current as best I could but not really able to do that with all the businesses and everything else I was doing. Then in 2000, I decided to recommit to my flying. I earned my airplane instrument rating, and I got a helicopter add-on, too. I now have about 600 hours of total time.

Given I have business and personal interests in Florida and New England, it just made sense to buy an airplane. Also, when we moved to Miami, we started fostering Huskies. I've flown both the Cirrus and the Bonanza. They're both good aircraft, but it was the flexibility of having that rear cargo door that sealed the deal for me. I bought a Beechcraft G 36 Bonanza.

This is both my first airplane and my first time going through AOPA Finance. My financials were like anybody who owns a business. They required a little bit more review, but AOPA was certainly well-versed and able to handle that. The transaction was smooth, there were no hiccups or obstacles, and everything went smoothly and flawlessly. AOPA  even arranged some options for me.

AOPA Finance was fantastic about working with me as we coordinated the aircraft delivery from Textron. I couldn't recommend AOPA Finance more. It was so good, it was like I didn't even notice the process, which is probably the best thing you can say. I would say my biggest problem purchasing an airplane was finding hangar space in South Florida.

Whether you are financing your first aircraft or taking the next step to a more sophisticated aircraft, AOPA Finance is ready to walk you through each step of the process. If you want a dependable source of financing with people who understand aviation, just call 800.62.PLANE (75263) or click here to request a quote.

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