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Question: I am a US citizen and long-time AOPA member buying a 1974 Cessna 206 from Norway.  The aircraft is currently physically located and registered in Norway, with the tail number “LN-SFL.” It was previously registered in the US as N61599. I have been in touch with an FAA DAR in that region about who will be doing an inspection so I can apply for a US registration and “N” number before bringing it back to the US. I have a few questions and am hoping you can help point me in the right direction 😁:
1. Do you know where I can get a purchase and sales agreement for an international purchase?
2. Is such a contract legally binding across countries?
3. Do I have to pay duties or tariffs to bring it back over the border (it will be a US-registered plane at that time).
4. Do I have to pay US sales tax? Both? Neither?

Answer: In general, for international transactions, we recommend our members contact a title company based out of Oklahoma City. AOPA's Strategic Partner, AeroSpace Reports can assist members with this process. You can reach them at 800-765-2336. In regards to the purchase and sales agreement for an international purchase or any other legal questions, unfortunately, we do not have an attorney on our staff. AOPA members who are enrolled in Pilot Protection Services, have access to an attorney who can help you locate the appropriate forms and answer specific questions about your situation. For tax-related questions, we recommend you reach out to your local tax office to inquire about an import tax and state purchase tax. Sorry we didn't offer many direct answers to your questions, however for international transactions it's always best to consult legal and tax professionals so you avoid any hiccups along the way.

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