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Choosing AOPA Aviation Finance Company is the right choice

Why Choose AOPA Aviation Finance Company, LLC?

Supports the General Aviation Industry:

Earnings from AOPA Aviation Finance Company (AAF) are retained by AOPA to help with initiatives to preserve airports, grow the pilot population, foster safety and lobby Washington to protect the interests of general aviation.

Advocacy for AOPA Members:

AAF advocates for members to obtain the best terms and treatment by banks. In addition to providing competitive rates on standard transactions, AAF is able to assist members who experience difficulty in finding financing for older, lower dollar and unique aircraft.

Variety of Financing Options:

AAF has created a network of lending institutions that specialize in aviation finance which increases the number of financing options available to members for new or used aircraft, avionics, refinancing and upgrades. A variety of loan structures are available including attractive fixed rates, 5-20 year terms, and convenient auto pay options.


AAF can help you start the financing process early so when you find the aircraft of your dreams you will have all of your finances in order to help streamline the purchase process. At AAF, we recommend you get pre-qualified as soon as possible! Our aviation loan specialists can walk you through the process pre-approval in just a few minutes, so you know what to expect.

Hassle-Free Documentation:

AAF aims to make the aircraft financing process enjoyable, friendly and hassle-free by offering an easy to fill out Application Form, documentation checklist and answers to frequently asked questions.


AAF can help extend your loan terms, lower your interest rate and save money on your monthly payments.
Variety of Aircraft: AAF can assist members obtain financing for many types of aircraft including turboprop, turbine, piston, light sport, gliders, kits, experimentals and helicopters.

Fast Approvals:

AAF will facilitate faster time-to-ownership for our members by providing quick decisions from financing partners not always available to the general public

Exceptional Customer Service:

AAF has a very active role in taking calls, emails and applications from members. As a broker, AAF supports members and assists them through each step of the lending process. We are dedicated to long-term relationships and personalized customer service.

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