Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Financing

How do I apply?
How do I benefit from using AOPA Aviation Finance Company, LLC?
Does AOPA benefit from this loan?
What type of aircraft can be financed?
Do you have to be a US citizen to apply?
How many people can be listed on the same loan? How do more
than 2 people apply to be on the same loan?
What if I would like to make improvements or upgrade my existing aircraft?
Do you allow leasebacks of an aircraft? How about Charter, Flight Schools, Flying Clubs? What about loans to corporations?
Is there a pre-payment penalty on this loan?
Do I receive a tax deduction with this loan?
Can I finance taxes and/or fees?
Is an aircraft appraisal required to establish a loan?
What type of aircraft insurance is required?
Can you finance commercial use aircraft?


We work closely with the AOPA Insurance Agency, which can help with any insurance needs. Please call 800.622.2672. As with AOPA Aviation Finance Company LLC, AOPAIA provides support to AOPA to help protect and preserve the freedom to fly.

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